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Myers Media Art Studio

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This page highlights the ongoing work of students in the Art & Art Education program.

Chroma Key Experiments in the Video Art Class 2017

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Collaborative stop-animation project “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” of the Video for Educators class:


Photomontage by Ambika Thoreson, Cow City

Photomontage by Ambika Thoreson, 11th Street

Sandy Kuan, Cara Walker at Domino Factory, 2014

Sandy Kuan, Coney Island, 2014

New work from Erol Gündüz.

Ceramic slip cast from 3d printed mold. Originating as digital 3d character.

New work from Brian Bulfer.

Archival pigment ink on rag paper with silk screen overlay.

Top: full image as printed, approx. 13″x19″; Bottom: pictured at an angle so the sheen of the gold ink of the silk screen overlay is visible.

About his work, Brian writes:

I am interested in the embodiment of information in shamanistic, religious and mystical practices. I use repetitive, ritualistic form to explore holistic learning. Multiple symbol systems move between sensory phenomenon and the symbolic. Ultimately, the data beneath the image or sculptural form becomes part of a personal narrative.

Left: Memory Usage Stupa #1. Right:Memory Usage Bottleneck Stupa. Both: 3d prints, assembled.

Installation – Performance

Beatriz Albuquerque: Heterônimos (2014)

as installed in Macy Gallery, room C (2014)

In this Cross-Media installation entitled “Heterônimos”, Beatriz Albuquerque deconstructs and rethinks Fernando Pessoa’s writing. Fernando Pessoa was a Portuguese writer that created alter egos in his pieces. With a mixture of 3D printing, video and images, Beatriz Albuquerque explored Alberto Caeiro, Alvaro de Campos, Ricardo Reis’s poems and texts physically and at the same time ask the audience to actively question themselves. (

Clouds & Fish

(an extravaganza that started in the Studio and finished on canvas!)

Victoria Bertotti visualizing and imagining the clouds and fish painting. And then—wow—the thing itself. Congratulations!

Painting and printing with computers.

Summer visitors got so much done. Margie Wainfan (INSTEP) made brush paintings with the Wacom Bamboo tablets and Photoshop. Nice prints on watercolor paper. Gorgeous.

3D Printing

Olmec Head, captured from Natural History Museum by Kacie @ PrettySmallThings

(We are Making with the Replicator. Come Make with us.)

Charles Koegel (MA with Inititial Certification, 2013) printing variations of Alphonse Mucha’s Poppies for a very large visual collage that he’s creating. They look amazing on their own, printed on newsprint. Come down to the studio to see a test that he left for us!

Cathy Rosamond printing charcoal drawings that have been scanned and merged with photographs.

Learn all about the Studio initiative into 3D printing and the MakerBot on the Events page.

On May 2, 2012, four from TC went to MIT to talk about Scratch. Read about our adventure!

Jerry Vezzuso in the Studio. Final portfolio edits. May 2012.

Studio Works Spring 2012 @ Macy Gallery: Photography


A collection of snapshots from artists and their work in the studio.