| May 4, 2016


Yuliya Skurska, In Our Absence – Photography Project 
The Wall at Myers Media Art Studio [51C Thorndike Hall]
April 26th to May 10th, 2016
Opening Reception is Thursday, May 5th, 7-9p

Myers Media Art Studio is pleased to announce a photography project of Yuliya Skurska at the Wall.  The show will be on display from April 26th to May 10th during regualr open house of the studio.

In Our Absence debuts Yuliya Skurska’s series of abstract digital photographs of tea leaves suspended in water.  Visually, this work takes root in her early sketches of sinuous forms rendered at the foreground of ambiguous and foggy landscapes.  Much of Yuliya’s artwork relates to the idea of change and the process of becoming.  She is influenced by the sculptures of Eva Hesse, the immersive light installations of James Turrell, as well as botanical illustration.  Yuliya works intuitively across media guided by her interest in light, organic materials and processes and liminal spaces.