Talk Back to the Internet ☆

Talk Back to the Internet

a making workshop event

Myers Media Art Studio, Program in Art & Art Education

Organized by Sean Justice & Richard Jochum, and sponsored by the Myers Media Art Studio, Program in Art & Art Education.
Led by Don Miller, an artist and learning designer. (See below for a short bio and links.)

Saturday, April 27, 2013, 10 to 4

Horace Mann, Room 438

Join us to explore the creative possibilities of the Internet. We will make a participatory drawing and painting application which you’ll use with your smart phone or tablet. No prior programming experience necessary.

The software is a code remix that will be unique to this event. The goal is to experiment and explore the code-material of the Internet. This is a rare chance to participate in a never-seen-before exploration of Open Source creativity, guided by digital artist and educator Don Miller, from NYU’s ITP program and the Institute of Play.

Together we make the tools that make the net work.

Note: this is a BYOD event (bring your own device~laptop, tablet, smart phone).


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DON MILLER is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. He performs live visuals in real time under the alias NO CARRIER. Miller works with nearly obsolete repurposed electronics to create psychedelic low resolution video art. Part of the 8bitpeoples artist collective, he performs, exhibits, and lectures worldwide. He is a graduate of NYU’s ITP program and works as a Learning Designer at the Institute of Play.