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Myers Media Art Studio

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A holiday celebration 
at the Myers Media Art Studio
Tuesday 19th, 7-9pm, TR51C
with an exhibition from the digital photography class
and screenings from the video class

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Carianna Arredondo @ The Wall – Reception night 02/10/17 !

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 Sulafa Khalid-Musa @ The Wall – Reception night 10/07/16!

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Fragments from Kos Island

Sulafa Khalid-Musa


Sep 30th to Oct 14th 2016

Opening Reception/Q&A: Oct 7th, Friday, 6-8 pm

The Wall at Myers Media Studio [51C Thorndike Hall]

Teachers College, Columbia University

            Myers Media Art Studio is pleased to announce a photo series presenting Sulafa Khalid-Musa’s work with refugees and migrants in 2016 in Kos Island, Greece at The Wall. The show will open from Sep 30th to Oct 14th during regular open hours of the studio.

The opening reception and Q&A session will take place between 6-8pm, Friday, Oct 7th.


Cristián González at The Wall – Reception night 09/16/16!

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Sep 8th to 23rd 2016 (Opening Reception: Sep 16th, Friday, 6-8 pm)
The Wall at Myers Media Studio [51C Thorndike Hall]
Teachers College, Columbia University

Myers Media Art Studio is pleased to announce a photography project of Cristián González at The Wall. The show will open from Sep 8th to Sep 23rd during regular open hours of the studio. The opening reception will take place between 6-8pm, Friday, Sep 16th.
Altered Perspectives presents a series of digitally altered photographs displaying impressions of González’s first year in New York City. The inspiration for this work arose from his experience as an EFL teacher in his native country Chile. Scholars, such as EFL teacher David A. Hill, advocate the impact of creative language learning through images. From the beginning of González‘s practice, the use of visual aids and story telling have been a key teaching and learning tool in his classroom. His students’ non-conventional ways to interpret images inspired him to shift his focus and see the world differently. In González‘s image-making process he attempts to reflect this shift by converting photographs to black and white leaving some elements in color and by turning images upside down. González’s work invites audiences to observe from altered perspectives through which they are encouraged to travel to new dimensions within arms’ reach.



The opening night!

Yuliya Skurska’s In Our Absence

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Yuliya Skurska, In Our Absence – Photography Project
@The Wall [51C Thorndike Hall]
April 26th to May 10th, 2016
Opening Reception is Thursday, May 5th, 7-9p


Myers Media Art Studio is pleased to announce a photography project of Yuliya Skurska at the Wall.  The show will be on display from April 26th to May 10th during regualr open house of the studio.


In Our Absence debuts Yuliya Skurska’s series of abstract digital photographs of tea leaves suspended in water.  Visually, this work takes root in her early sketches of sinuous forms rendered at the foreground of ambiguous and foggy landscapes.  Much of Yuliya’s artwork relates to the idea of change and the process of becoming.  She is influenced by the sculptures of Eva Hesse, the immersive light installations of James Turrell, as well as botanical illustration.  Yuliya works intuitively across media guided by her interest in light, organic materials and processes and liminal spaces.






Fantasy Museum by JuYoung Yoo



























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Solo Project:

Heather Erny  “Movement”

 Nov 5th to 20th, 2015
Opening Reception:Nov 5th, 5-7pm

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The Wall Exhibition Space

Show your work at the Wall.

The Wall includes: 18 linear feet of mag board print display; 40″ LCD flat screen; and the glass display case in the hallway outside the studio.

We are looking for contemporary artists who practice at the threshold of new materials, however that might be described in any particular series of works.

“Thresholds” means crossing boundaries with materials or concepts or methods or in some other way. The mission of the media art studio is to encourage  innovation at the material practice level, but as artists and educators we engage with all kinds of work, so the space is open to anything—photography, other kinds of print making, video, animations, drawing, code poetry, and so on.

We encourage students to propose a show of their own work, or to curate the work of others.

The Current Wall

February – March, 2015

Nicoletta Barolni @theWall


Nicoletta Barolini works in the office of public affairs as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator for Columbia University.

The works on display were created as digital illustrations for Columbia’s Institute for Data Science home page web graphics.

Her artworks are playful explorations of gesture, color and assemblage. Check out her website!



Previous Walls

Naima Green

Jewels from the Hinterland


Investigating questions of place, belonging, and perceived cultural identity in the African Diaspora.

July 2014

Artist Statement

I enjoy making connections between how I perceive my environment and how colors impact emotions. My new series, Bank Shots is a collection of images made during my travels in Turkey, Mexico and the United States. They are photographs of architecture, interiors and natural surroundings. The thread of similar patterns, animal motifs and domestic objects fuse these different locations. I use geometry, light and color to emphasize how the space and subjects influence each other. My goal is to fabricate a cohesive atmosphere from independent visual fragments of the world.

Christine Callahan:


DRAWINGS by Erol Gündüz

“Stop Playing”

February 17 through March 4, 2014


Drawn on an iPad. Fine prints on matte paper @ The Wall.

As far as I can remember, I have always been interested in drawing. While at times I struggle with it, drawing is interwoven with my practice as a sculptor. For me, art making is language and drawing is the most direct and intimate method of visual communication. There is always something of one’s self in a drawing; you really cannot hide behind anything. As an educator, I understand how difficult drawing can be for students as well as professionals. In a sense, my drawings are about immediacy and unapologetic communication. By playing with mark making, I see the process as a form of visual babbling. Through repetition and play, visual relationships come into focus. This is the visual fuel behind much of my sculpture. Thanks for taking the time to view them.


“Twelve Moons” is a series about 12 Chinese mothers, their 12 children, and the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac.

I am greatly moved by the beauty of Italian Renaissance painting, and most especially the Madonna and Child symbolism. I sought to imbue the new China art with the same spirit. During the process of creating this work, I gradually found an understanding of the connection between the Chinese society of today and Italy of the Renaissance.

The current conditions manifest the same gaps in cultural and wealth distribution between the two cultures.

I began this project with a casting call to find the best mothers and their infants to express the dichotomies of the new China society and the rapid development of the new China economy. The mothers came from distant villages all over China. Their husbands were low-wage workers in the construction sites. In Twelve Moons, the children were 3 to 8 months old, a period of the most rapid physical growth, as the new China is emerging after stunning growth.

The Chinese zodiac is a 12-year cycle. The birth-year animal is believed to be the determining factor in each person’s life. The background of each photograph is a composite of several digital photographs: a “mash-up” of the new and the old China.

Learn more about Gao Yuan’s work on her website.

January 22 to February 15, 2014


by Anna Lambert

September through November, 2013

Tidal Volumes of the Hudson River

Photographs & Video

by Rita Maas

July through August, 2013

“Photography extends my way of seeing and processing the world. In this body of work I explore the places and moments where photographic vision begins to exceed the limits of human perception. In the process of re-photographing projected images I create altered photographic realities. The images become increasingly distorted each time the process is repeated and shift in appearance as their degradation brings forth a new beauty.”

Hopewell. My Hometown.

Photographs by Eliza Lamb

May through June, 2013

“Going home is complicated. Although I moved to Hopewell as a child, it has never truly been a place that I could relate to or feel a part of. In fact my earliest intentions were to leave as soon as possible, and although I did just that, I cannot deny the soft spot in my heart that it still occupies or the pull back that still consumes me. The story I present here is less about a town and the people that live in it and more about my relationship to it—a marrying of both the frustrated teenager I was, and the sentimental adult that I am.”